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What Inter-Action will look and feel like

  Interacting At Presidents In Mind
More Apps for Action

   Make inquiries

   Download video 

   Uploading video and comment  on-air

   Register opinions on PhoneVoter tallies

   Sign a petition


   Comment on other callers’ opinions (in other than the Caller Q, Virtual Green Room)

   Offering a solution at length on the site (other than the brief summary in the VCC CQ message box that put them up higher)

   Donating to a panelist, cause, charity, charity, inventor, or

   Crowd-funding an inventor or cause

   Buy a Tee-Shirt, a photo, yard sign, bumper stickers, or one of the other  items in the website store while waiting to be on air.

Upload your own podcast or video of the candidate
prior to the debate.  It will ready for possible use by
​me or my opposing Debater and DebateTourney
 live on air - see Video Call Center icon to ask your 
question, time permitting.  Videos are limited to
1-minute live on air during the debates, later posted
as a podcast. 

​During a debate, you possibly have the ability, using your SmartPhone Facetime, Skype, Gruveo, Jitsi, or other video-phone apps, to be face-to-face



         with the debaters to ask your question via Video Call Center (VCC) this will also work with your computer camera & audio.  You may also previously upload a 1-minute video to
illustrate your question from the green box above.  The VCC site will ask you to provide a password, which includes your media release form for all in your camera's view.   Next, in the VCC message box, type your brief question or topic you wish the debaters to discuss.  If you have a SOLUTION,  type that word in caps first. 

The VCC Screener will click a pic of you, and advise you on your camera angle, as necessary.  Don't stand in front of a window.  You will be able to watch the ongoing show while preparing to ask your question.   Be ready to talk to America!

Significant Articles​

(Articles for the most recent month or important events not covered with podcasts)


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